Welcome to Writ@n

Writ@n offers translation and writing services in English and French wherever you are.
Using native speakers, we can offer the translation of all sorts of documents between English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Danish.


Writ@n can also write content for communication tools (brochures, Internet sites…) in English and French with translation into the other languages listed above if desired.

In the East of the Tarn and the south of the Aveyron in southwest France (Albi – Rodez – Millau – Lacaune) Writ@n offers the following additional services:
- Interpreting between English- and French-speakers (business meetings, purchase or renovation of property…)
- Guided visits (tourism, business…)
- English teaching (adults – professional or personal use, help for school pupils…)



Robert Tobin

Bob Tobin

Bob TOBIN, the director of Writ@n, is English and a former environmental scientist, who has lived in the southern Aveyron since 1995. He has more than fifteen years' experience as a translator of all sorts of documents from French to English as well as organising translation between other languages and English or French, always using collaborators who are native speakers of the target language. List of categories of translation carried out…


He has also worked as a teacher since 1998 for the Chamber of Commerce in Millau, the Ecole des Mines in Albi ( a top-level engineering school), the CNAM in Millau and other local schools. While living in England, and during his early years in France, he worked as a freelance journalist on environmental subjects. List of publications…