Training by Writ@n

TRAINING IMPROVEMENT FOR ADULTS / HELP FOR SCHOOL PUPILS Bob TOBIN, the director of Writ@n, has more than fifteen years' experience as an English teacher for adults.

Within a radius of 20 km around Coupiac (southwest Aveyron) or within the same distance of Albi or Millau, he can offer face-to-face lessons, both for adults (going to work abroad, having professional contact with English-speakers or planning to holiday in English-speaking countries…) and for pupils having difficulty with English at school. Distance-learning courses are also available for adults, obviously with no geographical limitation.

The courses are tailor-made band may include conversation of a general or professional nature, grammar exercises, written exercises with correction, role-playing of situations (professional or when travelling abroad), etc.

Distance-learning courses may be simply on the telephone including discussion of subjects agreed with the trainee or talking about documents, films or photos which the trainee has studied before the lesson. Videoconference lessons are also possible, where the trainee and the teacher share their computer screens, giving even more possibilities for interaction.

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